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Official Contract: Contract Address 0xdb0acc14396d108b3c5574483acb817855c9dc8d | Etherscan 43

Your heart skip a beat? Romance in the air? No that’s the raw multichain power of Emblems on the Overline network. If your valentine doesn’t understand, this will help: 9 ways to easily explain or understand Emblems. 32


July 2nd open testing begins for Borderless Markets

The quarantine has shifted the strategic of the announcement of Overline to the Evangelists allowing the community to focus on the underlying BC protocol. After mining NRG on the BT mainet, AT is now approaching 1 million blocks.

Upcoming (UPDATED)

  • [DONE] July 1st: BCNODE 0.9.58 for all miners. Update required for Borderless.
Mining Block Collider’s Multichain Data Structure

Block Collider’s multichain data structure has never been mined before. You are embarking on a journey through software that will enable your local machine weave blocks from other blockchains together into this new data structure and maintain state with a distributed, immutable, decentralized, always-on, global p2p network of thousands of…

“Timeline Skinning” is the manipulation of time in decentralized systems. This post introduces it’s implications and a brief overview of how to solve for it in multichain protocols.

When time can be manipulated by “trusted” individuals, decentralization is lost.


What We Are Protecting

The Control of Time

Launching the Miner

Protecting the Interoperability Space


First, we are so grateful…


Use Overline to connect blockchains and people without following the rules of any given blockchain.

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